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Text-CSV-Slurp (1.0) *****

I did an evaluation of Text-CSV-Hashify-0.04 vs. Text-CSV-Slurp-1.0. And Text-CSV-Slurp beat Text-CSV-Hashify hands down. The only capability the Text-CSV-Hashify package provides that Text-CSV-Slurp does not is the hash capability but that's a simple map anyway.

my %hoh=map {$_->{"key"}=>$_} @aoh;

The only knick I'm going to give the interface is the "load" method use as a constructor and the use of Test:Most which is a not normal test package. Try is_deeply from Test::More instead of cmp_deeply from Test::Most.

Text-CSV-Slurp (0.9) ***

If you just want to read CSVs, this little module is great.

If you want to write them, beware that it will sort the columns, which you may or (more likely) may not want.

An option to (perhaps using Tie:IxHash or the like) preserve the original order of the fields would be great.

Text-CSV-Slurp (0.9) *****

Just the thing I wanted! 90% of the time I work with CSV I just want to slurp it into a hash or array, or spew the data out to a file. This lets me do it with a single method call!

Text-CSV-Slurp (0.8) *****

Quick and easy.