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Text-Balanced (v2.0.0) ****

I thought Method::Signatures was sunk when I realized I need to detect Perl strings in the signature. Text::Balanced to the rescue!

Does What It Says On The Tin and keeps me from trying to do the same (badly).

Text-Balanced (v2.0.0) ****

In response to Wilma from the Cave Age : that's why functions can take a third argument to specify the prefix to skip. All is in the documentation, but not that easy to grasp as it should be for such a general-purpose module.

Text-Balanced (v2.0.0) **

Less here than meets the eye.

Functions fail if delimited text sequences don't begin the subject string. You don't get this from even the most careful reading of the documentation.

This really limits usefulness.

Text-Balanced (1.95) ****

This works great for extracting balanced strings, BUT....

Read the documentation closely, since it does some unexpected (not functional-programming-friendly) modification of arguments in scalar context.

Once I read the documentation and realized what was going on, I got it working as I needed it. It can be a very good alternative to Parse::RecDescent when you're concerned about balanced parenthesis, quotes, brackets, etc. but otherwise simple grammars.