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Test-XML-Deep (0.07) ***

A good module for doing simple tests based on XML comparisons. However, I quickly outgrew Test::XML::Deep when I realized that I needed to do more detailed examination of the XML under test when tests failed.

Part of this can be blamed on XML::Simple (and/or XML::Parser?), which can be inconsistent in the data structures it generates. For example, sub-elements may be returned as a hash reference or an array of hash references, all depending on how many sub-elements there are. This plays havoc with Test::Deep (which Test::XML::Deep uses for all comparisons). If testing an element with a number of sub-elements different than what the test expects, I find myself stuck with a diagnostic saying that it expected a hash but got an array (or vice-versa). To get more detail, I resort to using Test::Deep and XML::Simple directly. It would be nice if Test::XML::Deep had some extra smarts to deal with this kind of situation.