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Test-Unit (0.25) *

Good API but this distribution is too old, I swith to Test-Unit-Lite and recommand all people to switch too.

Test-Unit (0.25) ****

Test::Unit is of course a fine module. But if you are shopping around for testing framework, I recommend you try Test::Class instead, which combines the best of two worlds. First, you get xUnit style, but I think with a slightly simpler interface. Second, you get to use all the standard Perl testing stuffs like Test::Simple, Test::More and Test::Harness. This is better because it's what most Perl modules use (so you might be more familiar with it if you're a Perl programmer), plus there are more kinds of "assert" functions in Test::More and friends compared to Test::Unit::Assert.

Test-Unit (0.25) ****

This is the perl testing library to use if you are going to build out tests for large perl applications and libraries. I definitely recommend it. It provides a lot more control than the standard Test::Simple and Test::More libraries. Tests are more maintainable and readable.

Test-Unit (0.25) ****

I like Test::Unit - it makes it much easier to create tests that are isolated from each other.

One annoyance: Unless you specify a list of tests to run, the tests arerun in random order. It would be nicer if the default was to run tests in the order in which they appear - maybe doing a simple search through the file for the 'sub' declarations could help fix this. I'll have a look...

See also, my blog posting: twoalpha.blogspot.com/2005/11/unit-te...
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