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Test-TAP-Model (0.10)

Indeed, as the author I recommend TAP::Harness instead of this module, which is a hack that predates it.

Update: I uploaded a deprecation release, please use TAP::Harness for processing results, and TAP::Formatter::HTML as a Test::TAP::HTMLMatrix replacement. I would be happy to accept patches for the latter to make it work with TAP::Harness, but Test::TAP::Model is now unnecessary.

Test-TAP-Model (0.09) ***

Good idea, but I think the need for Test::TAP::Model has been superseded by TAP::Parser.

Few gripes:
1. the documentation is lacking.
2. it doesn't install cleanly from CPAN (missing deps?).

While I wouldn't build new code on this (bear in mind Test::Harness::Straps is now deprecated), it's worth the small hassle installing it for Test::TAP::HTMLMatrix alone.