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Test-Kwalitee-Extra (v0.2.0)

I'm the author of this module and this is a comment to the review by Zoffix Znet.

I'm not sure the actual cause of the freezes. Anyway, the check of "prereq_matches_use" (and experimental "build_prereq_matches_use") indicators by this module requires several HTTP accesses to metacpan.org. Though the check of "prereq_matches_use" may be the most significant difference from Test::Kwalitee, if you want to avoid network access by the indicator, you can specify it in dist.ini like

arg = !prereq_matches_use

or reduce retry count by

arg = :retry 1

I added such caution and workaroud into v0.2.1 documentation in both of Test::Kwalitee::Extra and Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Kwalitee::Extra.

Test-Kwalitee-Extra (v0.2.0) ***

It's nice to be able to test all the extra Kwalitee metrics with this dist, but what is really annoying is the test frequently freezes (I'm unsure whether it just hangs or whether it's trying to access some online resource that isn't responding).

I had to disable this test (in Dist::Zilla's dist.ini) in about 40% of dists where I used it and at this point I'm debating going back to plain Test::Kwalitee