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Test-Approx (0.02)

Nice of you to answer quickly.

Copy/Paste is a mistress that always ends up stabbing you in the back ;)

Well,I showed my lack of English vocabulary. "Approx" is indeed in the dictionary. I dislike abbreviations and that one seemed very silly to me.

Test-String-Approx is a better name unless you also plan to support:


Test-Approx (0.02)

نديم الخمير,

Thanks again... another good point. I was thinking about supporting approximate numeric comparisons, but I hadn't considered the others. You make a good suggestion, but I think I'll reverse it -- Test-Approx-String -- to allow space for a frontend module in the future that supports others... Will rename in the next release.

(old comments for posterity):
Thanks for pointing out that bug - I messed up the name of the module in the Pod. Fixed now.

FYI: the name Test::Approx was inspired by String::Approx. If you've got a better name, I'm all ears...