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Term-ShellUI (0.86) *****

This is a great package for building high quality CLI programs quickly and easily. As an example, I built kpcli (KeePass CLI) with it over a long weekend: kpcli.sourceforge.net/

Term-ShellUI (0.86) *****

Used to implement 50+ command solaris sysadmin configuration interface.
Wonderfully easy and flexible design. Nicely done.

Term-ShellUI (0.86) *****

I simply loved it. I have an application to interact with Amazon S3, and it is basically a front-end for a lot of subcommands, like this:

s3 list
s3 delete <something>
s3 get <something>

With Term::ShellUI and some minor code refactoring I was able to add an "--interactive" mode which gives the user a shell to work with. In some 10-20 minutes.

It would be a dream if it was possible to extract the documentation for the subcommands directly from the POD part... but this is probably something that can be done without bothering the module's author, so 5 stars are fully deserved.

Term-ShellUI (0.85) *****

Harnessing the power of readline library made super-easy! This module probably saved me days of work, and even then I don't think I would have come up with something as comprehensive. The documentation is great and the examples make sense.

I had a working prototype of my program ready in 30 minutes. Thank you!

Term-ShellUI (0.85) *****

This is the best package I have seen for creating a character based interface. It made my development of a tool like mysql to the Salesforce.com API possible.