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Template-Alloy (1.016) *****

I use TT::Alloy for all my projects. The author is very responsive and the module is well maintained. It comes without the limitations of TT (e.g. not being able to define the context) but still compatible and even faster.

Check out the new AUTO_FILTER routine which encodes all variables using a given filter like "html". Makes your website so much safer and your template code stays clean from all the filter calls.

Template-Alloy (1.013) *****

Really good. I use it extensively. For now only the TT syntax, but it opened my system for other syntaxes too.
I like it

Template-Alloy (1.011) *****

Pretty nice module and kicks ass in terms of speed. Nice work! I've ported my stuff from tt2 to Template::Alloy and it's been worth it.