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TV-Anytime (0.31) *

A series of objects created from a TV Anytime information tar ball, intended to accurately represent the contents.

This is a bare-bones package, providing just an interface to the above data in the above format. It does not support the prototype web API (, nor does it create a local cache, a database mirror, or supply any other application functionality.

Has a very long list of prerequisites and so many not sit well with some production servers.

Additionally, the module causes perl to crash without warning on my Win32 AS Perl 5.8.8. The lack of a debug feature makes this a hard problem to solve, not aided by the fact the modules supplied build tests do not test anything other than the POD.

The issue was tracked down to XML::LibXML failing without warning on the advised test data: removing the encoding specification from the XML PI in the test data solved that part of the problem. However, running the module's SYNOPSIS code on a valid TV-Anytime directory produces no output at all, nor any diagnostics, hence this review's low score.