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Sys-Statistics-Linux (0.66) ****

Very good module, easy to use with the expected results! Nothing else could be asked for!
But if you want to get information about inodes usage, you're not looking for Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats: it gets information about inodes from /proc in Linux and most probably you want that information for each mount point you have it. Documentation about this part of /proc is obscure, so I ended update using Filesys::Df for that.
It seems a good option to replace Sys::Statistics::Linux::DiskUsage current implementation with Filesys::Df to avoid a system call with "df" program.

Sys-Statistics-Linux (0.59) *****

A very useful module for all Perl consumers ! Easy to use and fetch any system metric from your Linux distro. Very well documented and the author is flexible and very responsive to any suggestions. uses this module to gather system statistics from Linux systems !

Sys-Statistics-Linux (0.56) *****

I've been using version 0.21 since late 2008, and it rocks !
Pretty easy to use and integrate :)

Previously, I used some stuff I'd done to do the job, but when I tested this module, it was so much more integrated that I switched right away.

I integrated this module in a script that load counters to process for a config file, get them on a rate defined in the config file, and then send the measures to a database.
Here the intranet makes nice graphs with the data, and the status of the server if surveyed that way.

Great job, and go on like this !

I would have some stuff to integrate inside it (That I did on my side)... but they are on the new version !
I'll have to do the upgrade.


Sys-Statistics-Linux (0.41) *****

This module is very helpful and lightweight.

The project still in constant development. The author is very commited and opened to new ideas.

Great work!

Sys-Statistics-Linux (0.34) *****

I was looking to use sysstat but I thought that surely there would be a PERL module to to a much better job and sure enough there is!

This is a highly recommended module and the author is very helpful with the glitch I had trying to use it on a VPS.

Great stuff!

Sys-Statistics-Linux (0.26) *****

Don't reinvent the wheel, use these modules. They are fantastic and the author is very responsive to feedback. Thank you.