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Sys-SigAction (0.15)

For those reading reviews, version 0.15 resolved Cláudio Valente's complaint about not have subsecond timeouts. I was unable to find him to let him know, when I published this. He must no longer be active.

Sys-SigAction (0.11) ****

Simple interface with detailed documentation.

I use the timeout_call with great success but find it annoying that one can only do a timeout that is an integer multiple of 1 second.

Sys-SigAction (0.10) *****

Used this module in tandem with DBD::Oracle in a professional environment and it worked like a charm. Normally you need to use the messier POSIX::sigaction interface with Oracle, but this module is a drop-in replacement for the traditional eval / local $SIG{ALRM} / alarm invocation that we all know and love. For that reason, it is essentially the de facto way to implement connect timeouts when using DBI and Oracle.

Sys-SigAction (0.10) *****

I was dealing with Oracle DBI connect timeouts on OS/X and Ubuntu linux. After searching around, I finally found this module with its excellent documentation, installed it, and it worked fine on both platforms. Saved me lots of time.

Sys-SigAction (0.06) *****

Sys::SigAction saved me from a massive amount of heart-ache and solved an urgent issue in a mission-critical environment. The author is extremely responsive. I cannot possibly recommend this more.