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Sub-Stubber (0.04)

I wrote this module to test modules which I wrote myself because I was tired of writing boilerplate 'stub' code and all sorts of weird checks.

I suppose a future release can offer options to monkey-patch other (external) modules, but I'm guessing there's quite a few of those modules around.

I suppose it would be possible to make ->regstub accept fully qualified package names, and would allow the behavior you are talking about.

So maybe in a future release.

Sub-Stubber (0.04) *****

A module I'd like to give a 5 stars rating but it is so completely illogical (to me).

I'm fine with everything except that the stubbing work is done in the wrong place. If I have a module with a few subs, I don't want to modify or add code so it is easy for someone else to transform my subs into stubs.

This is obviously thought as a mechanism to hep test your own module. But what if someone else want to stub a sub I didn't think about?.

I find no flexibility in this system.