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Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple (1.04) *****

Simple and straightforward to use. Don't understand other reviewer's comment about spreadsheet name, it's mentioned in the docs (you first want the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel sheet object...from there go look at the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel docs).

Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple (1.01) *****

A simplified subset of Spreadsheet::ParseExcel functionality.

For many real world tasks with Excel spreadsheets all you need to do is read rows of data from sheets. This module provides a clean and simple API for doing just that.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple (1.04) ***

Perhaps too simple.

Documentation is not complete enough to complete real tasks. For example it is not obvious how to get the sheet name ("$sheet->{sheet}->{Name}").

Use the full strength version, it's not that much harder, and is less limiting.