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Spreadsheet-Engine (0.14) ****

This module is very handy if you want to embed some spreadsheet functionality into an application. It's quick and easy to implement and easy to use. I can't speak to how well it performs as the task I'm using it for is pretty simple. I'm not sure I understand the need for the little execute statements instead of regular Perl API calls, but they work and get you access to everything. Only being able to fetch the whole document as a hash reference is a little strange, but workable. The documentation is incomplete and needs some TLC, but the code is readable enough that I was able to find the more advanced features I needed with just a little effort. Overall, great module that has some rough edges in the API and needs more documentation.

Spreadsheet-Engine (0.03)

Welcome addition to the Spreadsheet familly of module. It would be nice if the author shares his development with other modules. I'm thinking about Spreadsheet::Perl which would welcome a calculation engine. A comparison with other existing modules, if applicable, would be nice too.