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sparse (0.01) *

This is specifialized tool specific to linux, and the namespace chosen is inappropriately generic. This should be renamed to something like Linux::sparse or similar. It should also specify during the build phase that linux is required, using something like Devel::AssertOS.

Sparse (0.03) ***

Sparse::Vector: Documentation is non-standard, consisting of legal blurb and a big 'usage' section. Does support for the usual length/norm/normalise/dot-product operations. Implimentation is purely perl, and not terribly fast. However, if you amongst the thousands for whom PDL does not compile...

Sparse (0.02) ****

Speaking as one of the authors, I rather like this module. However, we could probably have a bit more documentation. Perl seems not to have much support for sparse matrices and vectors, so we hope that this helps that situation a bit.