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Set-Array (0.26)

I'm the maintainer, not the author, of this package.

This review is to warn you of unexpected and dangerous behaviour of some methods in Set::Array. Consider this code:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use Set::Array;

# -----------------

my($a1) = Set::Array -> new(qw(a b c d e) );
my($a2) = Set::Array -> new(qw( c d e f g) );
print "Before: ", join(' ', sort $a1 -> print), "\n";
my $difference = $a1 -> difference($a2); # Overload $a1 - $a2 has the same effect.
print "After: ", join(' ', sort $a1 -> print), "\n";

Even though $a1 is the invocant in the call to difference(), the value of the $a1 set is changed by this code. The output is:

Before: a b c d e
After: a b

I believe this to be a terrible design defect in the code, and recommend you use Set::Tiny instead.

My review of various array/set handling module is at: