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Selenium-Remote-Driver (1.20) *****

I am a fan of this module. It has worked with no issues at all. performance is great. even runs multi instances of browers smoothly. Documentation is great.

Selenium-Remote-Driver (0.2102) *****

Awesome WebDriver bindings module. I have used it for almost 4 years now.

Selenium-Remote-Driver (0.17)

Ariba is interested in this module. Who's the contact person for this? Would like to be in touch. Thank you!

Selenium-Remote-Driver (0.17)

We all love your work!

Selenium-Remote-Driver (0.15) *****

I love you.

Selenium-Remote-Driver (0.12) *****

This is the Selenium 2/Selenium WebDriver CPAN module we've all been waiting for! Thanks for writing it Gordon :-)