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Schedule-Cron (0.97) ****

I have been using Schedule::Cron 0.97 on Windows and have found it very helpful.

It is not available on PPM so I have obtained it from CPAN and it works OK on Windows.

Using Perl 5.8.8 on Windows is that nofork => 1 is more reliable. While allowing forking does work for a while, after about one hour the run loop drops out inexplicably and with no error thrown.

Schedule-Cron (0.96)

Well, it not not maintained, but infite slowly updated ;-)

I just released 0.96 which should fix those warnings about non-numeric arguments in sort.

If you find any other bugs, please open a ticket on rt. I intend to release 1.0 until the end of this year if nothing serious is broken.

Schedule-Cron (0.96) *****

Instead of using cron to operate perl scripts, try this module. It can take a crontab schedule from a crontab file or programmatically, and operate as if it were cron - but with the benefit of being perl. It can eval arguments, catch errors, has a logging callback, and of course much more.

In several years of using it, it has never let me down.

One caveat: you'll need POSIX::setsid implemented on your architecture -- which means you can't use this module on Win32.