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SVG-Graph (0.02) ***

This is clearly code that holds a lot of potential. The interface is weird and the documentation is poor to non-existent.

It is a real shame that the module authors do not take better care of their work, they are obviously talented.

SVG-Graph (0.01) **

This looks like it has the potential to become an amazing distribution for generating SVG diagrams.

But it's barely documented (as if a utility was used to create POD by looking at the methods): there's a lot of empty templates listing methods, and that's it for most of the modules.

It's difficult to figure out, and I decided it would be easier to just find another module to do what I needed (which was to create a node diagram.... it appears that it at least has hooks to do this, if not the actual ability).

I have not tried it for plotting data.

That said, the documentation refers to it as pre-alpha. But it came out in November 2003.