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SPOPSx-Ginsu (0.58) ***

This is a softening of my previous review as my first one was rather more scathing than deserved. After some experimentation, This module is a good idea, but needs some work. The documentation is incomplete. If you want to use this module you have to read the test cases to figure out what to do---test cases are not good docs, IMO. The module provides a lot of functionality that is all contained within the two packages of this distribution. There's quite a bit there if all you need is inheritance. The logger is underutilized so it's hard to pick out bugs and I had to read the module source itself to get even a vague idea of the semantics (how are IDs set? are saves atomic across the inherited tables? what's fetched when a fetch is made on a parent? etc.) The idea itself is very cool and it does work. You'll just have to dig for awhile to understand it enough to use it.