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RT-Client-REST (0.37) *****

I loathed integrating with RT until I figured out that my RT install (3.8.1 with lighttpd and FastCGI) wasn't playing nicely on a CentOS system. A vanilla install on FreeBSD 7 worked perfectly so we narrowed the problem down to a bug in the version of perl on CentOS 5.

That is behind me now, but that bug cost me a ton of wasted time loading RT.pm into my application and doing a lot of grep -r in the RT source tree to figure out the right incantations to get, update, and create tickets.

This afternoon I resolved the perl problem and replaced all the RT calls we had painstakingly written against RT.pm with RT::Client::REST. It is faster and far, far easier because the documentation is excellent with plenty of included samples. Great job. Great module. Thank you!