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Proc-ProcessTable (0.48)

The module is now working on all linux-based systems, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, cygwin and Mac OS X. I would also claim that it runs fine on Solaris and other systems.

In summary, yes, in 0.47 and 0.48 the most major bugs are fixed. This was possible thanks to patches and bugfixes supplied by the community (I actually did not do so much). I'm now actively going through the remaining bugs on RT and hope to close them in the near future.

In case something goes wrong on <insertyourplatformhere>, please also file a bug report on

so I don't have to search the internet for rants on the module. If you have patches or pull requests, you can fork the module on github:

I hope this overview is sufficient, if not, drop me a note.


Proc-ProcessTable (0.47)

The comments below are rather negative, but they apply to 0.45. Since a new maintainer is in charge, and we are at 0.47, I wonder what the situation is now. Have the major bugs been fixed? Some feedback from other or the author would be great before we start installing and using. Thanks!

Proc-ProcessTable (0.45) *

As others have said, 0.45 is broken w/o threads. Would be great if this module could be maintained or if another module took its place.

Proc-ProcessTable (0.50)

Seems abandoned and we did find critical problem in it which really hurt us -
I'd say try to avoid using it unless somebody steps up to maintainer role again.
UPDATE: seems that there is new active maintainer and seems like bugs are being fixed in new releases!

Proc-ProcessTable (0.45) *

Module appears to be unmaintained. Patches to hints/ to support non-threaded Perls have gone un-applied for years.

Proc-ProcessTable (0.45) *

0.44 is fine, but please please please please take 0.45 OFF CPAN!
It requires threads, and none of my perls has threads, but cpan still installs, as the tests don't fail, but the module doesn't work anymore.

Proc-ProcessTable (0.41) ****

Overall, a really useful module. Beats the heck out of parsing ps output ;)

Proc-ProcessTable (0.39) *****

Great little module - works on many diffetent OS's. Never need to parse 'ps' commands again.

Proc-ProcessTable (0.39) *****

The best cross-platform approach to getting process information. This is not parsed output, but an actual interface to the underlying OS C libs. All the popular platforms are supported, and even a few obscure ones.

The author is responsive, friendly and good about patching. He has also been very helpful in answering my questions when it came to porting his code to Ruby.

Oh, and don't let the author's own "BETA" status fool you - this module is definitely production level code.