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Pod-Simple-Wiki (0.16) *****

Used pod2wiki script to convert to Atlassian Confluence (5.1.5) markup. I had to make minor simplifications to list titles i.e.
=item B<-i> I<dir_path> to =item -i dir_path otherwise it created badly nested markup. Apart from this it just worked and I had the POD for 4 scripts on our confluence in much less than an hour. External links render correctly.

Pod-Simple-Wiki (0.11) *****

This module is an absolute gem to work with, I have not experienced any trouble and it is very easy to use.


Pod-Simple-Wiki (0.09) ****

Works well to convert POD into wiki-formatted text in the engine of your choice, but it doesn't provide any kind of link handling. If you need to handle links, you'll need to look into customizing this, do some pre-/post-processing of the text, or find another solution.