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Pod-ProjectDocs (0.48) *****

Bhai gand fad hai. Awesome!

Pod-ProjectDocs (0.36) *****

Thank you very much for this great tool! It really saved my day. I was searching for a long time for a decent pod2html converter - and there is so much crap out there. This tool creates really nice looking HTML pages, a good index page with search capability and also does crawl through my project directory recursively... Almost perfect!

While installing POD::ProjectDocs I had an issue with Syntax::Highlight::Universal, which did not compile on my Linux (Slackware slamd64 12). Fortunately everything seems to run without it. Would be great if the Author could remove this dependency because it seems that Syntax::Highlight::Universal does not compile on many systems and the Author does not care about open bugs for more than 3 years.

Pod-ProjectDocs (0.36) *****

This is my favorite of all of the POD parsers for making web pages out of POD. The resulting pages are very readable and pleasing to the eye; in fact, they look very much like the CPAN versions.

This module is easy to use to make a directory full of HTML that you can point your webserver at.

I would like to see two improvements. The syntax highlighting provided by Syntax::Highlight::Universal is often broken because Syntax::Highlight::Universal is so hard to install on some platforms. Second, the interlinking of pod is better in pod2html. It makes links from C<> blocks around things like options and sections to those sections.

Pod-ProjectDocs (0.34) ****

Very nice tool that lets you look at how your documentation will look like on CPAN before uplooading it.

Getting syntax hilighting to work again would make it even better.

Pod-ProjectDocs (0.12) *****

This module allows you to create a custom POD documentation page just like you have in search.cpan.org. The author is pretty responsive for patches and suggestions like including *.js files with inline POD. Nice work.