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Pod-Pdf (1.2) *

1. Docs refer to a script that is not installed by default nor has an installation option
2. #! line of pod2pdf is invalid

But worst of all: default fonts are Times and Courier, both are unacceptable ugly, and the module offers no way to choose beautiful fonts (probably because the font metrics are hard-coded in the module).

Hence unusable.

Pod-Pdf (1.2) *****

Excellent, easy to use, very good looking pdfs... just what I needed!

Pod-Pdf (1.2) *****

This module creates what I consider the most beautiful output of any POD processor.

I used to think it could not produce multi-page PDFs: in fact, I updated it to use File::Find, added some more features, and then discovered the hidden (?) "include" feature. In your POD, use the "include" directive followed by a relative file path:

=include AudioNotes.pm

=include AudioNotes/Server.pm

Be warned, though, the the TOC will not list the contents of the NAME section, just that it is a NAME section.

Sub-classing this module is problematic because of the unconventional internal Perl style: lots of global variables, some arguments passed between subroutines which are ignored. It uses neither "conventional" Pod translation modules nor PDF output modules, which at least shows the author to be an expert PDF coder.

Does not support the (newish?) level three and four headings.

The author is unresponsive, and the module appears to be unmainted. [I have written 90% of a simillar module based on regular and proven CPAN modules that can create a book of POD, with table of contents and index, but I am unsure about releasing it to CPAN - should not Pod::Pdf be updated, instead?]

Pod-Pdf (1.2) ****

This module produces *very nice* PDFs from your POD. It's very simple to use, but the interface is rather inflexible; everything is hard-coded in the .pm file.

One minor issue is that it doesn't handle =head3 and =head4 headers. It also seems that Pdf.pm has some POD errors! ;-)