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Pod-POM-Web (1.17) ****

Of the Pod viewers I have tried, this one works the best by far. It found all the locally installed modules and displayed all the pod I tried it with. It displays encoded UTF-8 as well. The default display is not very nice though. It means clicking on some tiny boxes containing a plus, with the list of modules expanding up and down the left hand side, and the formatted pod on the right hand side is done in a hideous colour scheme.

Pod-POM-Web (1.08) *****

Pod::POM::Web is a welcome addition to a the perl developer's toolbox

If you have used ActiveState distributions, this will remind you of the documentation AS installs.

I noticed the following:

Display is a tad slow. getting stuff from perldoc.perl.org is faster than from my local box

Clicking on a module name that has sub modules centers the module in the "tree" window, next click displays the module. This is not an error but I find it disturbing.

It doesn't look as good as perldoc.perl.org or search.cpan.org

I have been testing Pod::POM::Web with a local server and it dies without explanation (happened a few times).

Still, I'm looking forward to more releases of this module.

Pod-POM-Web (1.03) *****

Pod-POM-Web is an on-the-fly HTML interface to all of the Perl modules installed on the local machine. Think of it like a subset of search.cpan.org on your computer, but much faster.

This is a fantastic module. It's kind of like App::Ack: it's the tool I hadn't realized I was missing until I tried it.

The author has been very responsive to the minor bugs I've reported. The code is tight yet readable.

Pod-POM-Web (1.01) *****

This is a functionality I've been waiting for for a long time and which I think may be very useful. And after some minor installation issues it comes up to all expactations.
Documentation is maybe a little scarce yet.