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Perl-Dist-Strawberry (2.02) *****

I am floored. In 2000, I built my own Perl on Windows with mingw32, and all was pain and suffering, but I finally made it (kind of) work. In 2004, sniffling, I switched to ActiveState so I wouldn't have to mess with rolling my own any more, but wxPerl still wouldn't compile right, even after waiting the requisite half an hour for it to grind through stuff that should have worked.

Now it's 2010, and apparently, there *is* a God, he's just been busy. Strawberry Perl works. No muss, no fuss, it just does what it's supposed to do, and works.

Perl-Dist-Strawberry (1.09) *****

Strawberry Perl is made of 80% win, 10% lovely fluffy kittens, and 10% tasty wholesome organ meat. It is truly a glorious thing. Yes, I know, I marked it down on documentation and interface - but then, it's *perl*. We all know that the documentation isn't perfect and the interface can be a bit weird. I also marked it down a little bit on ease of use, not just because it's perl, but because it's on Win32 which is always hard to use even with strawberries. But it still gets top marks overall, because it mitigates the Suck of Windows so much. It may still be a pain in the arse to use, but it least with Strawberry Perl, perl on Windows is usable.

Perl-Dist-Strawberry (0.1.2) *****

An excellent alternative to other win32 perl distributions!

No proprietary tools required!.

Cpan repository is about as reliable as the more proprietary perl distribution, so there is no reason to use proprietary tools with great GNU alternatives.