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Path-Resolver (3.100452) ****

As always, a module discovered by accident.

I already have a module that look for a file with a specific filename in different file system 'repositories'. This modules does the same but after a mega dose of steroids. files can be looked for in compressed archives, perl module distributions, ...

One resolver that would have been nice to have is a ~/.something resolver. that can be done easily with a normal file system resolver though. I am sure we can all think of other, more exotic, resolvers.

My only problem with this module is the extremely verbose syntax. Nothing really wrong with it except that it is extremely verbose for _my_ taste. That is not a big problem since this type of modules are typically used very few times, often in setup section, in applications.

A quick look at its dependencies reveals a few other modules that I haven't used or heard of and that may be worth having a look at. My attention was drawn to Eval::Closure for example.