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Package-Generator (0.100) ****

Yet another practical module (2 modules in fact) from Ricardo. This one will handle the Voodoo needed for package generation and removal.

This module is small so except the fact that it's practical and does the job, there's not much to say.

I gave 4 stars instead for 5 because I didn't like the interface of Package::Reaper. 'arm' and 'disarm' would be better as, IMHO, just 'arm'. The code is exactly the same (one should call the other btw). So that would be one less sub to write, document, test and learn. But the biggest win is to not have to switch on a value to decide which sub to call. But I'm splitting hair.

Ricardo has a few other "small" modules (by their size not their usability) the kind you want to write but never take time to. Check in his directory on CPAN.