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POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-BasePoCoWrap (0.004)

As the author of this module I won't give it any ratings to play the game fair.

Personally, I found this module useful on many, many occasions. The module allows you to take some POE::Component::*, which in my case were the non-blocking wrappers aroung goodies, and quickly make a fully functionaly and configurable POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::* and ... plug it. The module automatically provides functionality for specifying triggers for commands coming from each of public, privmsg and notice message types, to which of those messages the plugin will respond as well as who is banned or in reverse, who is allowed to use the plugin.

If your plugin needs some extra arguments with some defaults,
adding those is a snap. Want it to not say anything but instead just send events - done deal.

You can dynamically change any of the arguments passed to the constructor at any time, even though that involves poking directly into the object, but that's advertised, thus I don't see it as a big problem. Want to ban someone one the fly? push @{ $plugin->{bans} },
qr/^somedude\@\d+[.]/i; done

After releasing perhaps more than 10 plugins based on this module I completely felt in love with it. The "DOCUMENTATION FOR YOUR PLUGIN" section incourages lazy people (like me) to provide decent documentation to their work.

Thanks for your time.