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OpenOffice-UNO (0.07) ****

Overally works just fine for us.

We do use this module to drive LibreOffice to convert generated spreadsheets to PDF in an automated manner, processing thousands to tens of thousands document each day.

I maintain a package with this module in Fedora distribution, we tend to link it against the LibreOffice we ship, which tends to be the latest one.

The UNO library is rather fragile, crashing at each opportunity (teardown upon shutdown, concurrent access, too fast access, ...). By the way, the test suite currently makes LibreOffice in Fedora 20 snapshot crash... The bindings are decent though, I haven't seen a crash that could be traced to a problem with this module yet.

OpenOffice-UNO (0.07) *

Took a while to build, the build process is generally broken (especially on windows).

Tests do not run, (they cause the perl process to hang). It seems this library is unusable atm.