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OpenGL (0.58) *****

The interface of the module is almost like the standard C API (only changes required for making it work in Perl have been made), making porting of programs easy and allowing coders familar with the C API to start working with this module in no time.

Starting with 0.57, this module has received a new maintainer which seems to know what he is doing, and it has seen following overdue improvements over 0.56:

* Build process has greatly improved, the module is now really easy to build both on Linux and Windows.

* Many GL functions that were unavailable in 0.56 have now been introduced in 0.58 (among those are GLUT's game mode routines)

So far the documentation hasn't been updated, but that's not really too bad because the interface is just obvious.

The kind of wrapping done by OpenGL-Simple - wrapping glColor[234][fdiu] with one glColor() and so on - would be nice to see in this module.

All in all: a cool module that works and does what it says in a simple way.

OpenGL (0.56) *****

I don't know about 0.54, but version 0.56 has one of the best (for a library wrapper) documentations available in the CPAN world. Granted, the documentation available directly on CPAN just lists the functions, tells you how to use them and possible caveats. But it also points to Perl OpenGL's official website ( that has tons of Perl-specific API documentation, tutorials, examples, links and even benchmarks.

As a wrapper for the OpenGL, it does exactly that. You can easily convert standard C/C++ OpenGL examples to Perl and they will DWIM beautifully (plus: it's fast!)

If you'd rather have a more perlish version of the OpenGL library, there is always Jonathan's OpenGL::Simple. But it's still OpenGL, so potential users should first and foremost refer to the OpenGL standard documentation before adventuring.

OpenGL (0.56) *****

The built in documentation is certainly lacking. However, the interface follows the OpenGL API very closely and the OpenGL API and GLUT API are documented very well at . I am hoping to submit more tutorials and tests and documentation to be included in this excellent distribution. I am looking forward to writing more projects in Perl OpenGL.

OpenGL (0.54) **

I'm new in this 3-D subject and couldn't try this module before this page: <>; Windows users must see this.

Anyway, there is no documentation in this module and the interface is not perlish, also the examples in the distro do not work on my system because of the usage of "glpOpenWindow" (I learned that from "J-L Morel"s page -- I do not know if it can be replaced with another function?) that's why I gave it a "2".