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Object-PerlDesignPatterns (0.03) **

I have nothing against the content itself, but I find that such a huge, monolithic document is hard to use and slow to render. If it was published in CPAN as a module, presumably it's because it should be usable within perldoc. Imagine if the whole camel book were published as a single POD file! (Well, I guess some people would prefer it that way...)

Object-PerlDesignPatterns (0.03) *****

This documentation module is by far the best resource describing the implementation of common OOP designpatterns with perl.

The author released this module as a collection of his great wiki at www.perldesignpatterns.com/ which I can also recommend to every OOP interested perl programmer.

Thank you very much Scott and keep up the good work!

Object-PerlDesignPatterns (0.03) ****

This is an unusual module, since as far as I can tell
it is really a book written in pod that uses CPAN as
the publisher.

As a book, I like it. By including antipatterns,
the normal difficulties of presenting design
patterns are overcome, making for an excellent read.

The real-world perl refactoring examples are helpful.

As someone who has written both good and bad objects,
and wondered what went right or wrong,
the analysis here is insightful.
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