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Number-Range (0.10) *****

I was able to accomplish my task 10 minutes after I encountered this module on MetaCPAN.

It takes in ranges of numbers and allows you to manipulate the data. My only issue with the module is restricted acceptable format. To specify a range you use ".." and "-" is not allowed ("-" is what my input from the user was going to be). The other issue is that the module allows separation of numbers either with a comma or a space, but it's an error to use a space right after a comma (e.g. "10, 20").

The module dies with an error message if an incorrect range is specificed.

Number-Range (0.06) *****

This module does a specific job, does it well and comes with clear, succinct documentation.

If you want to process and represent sets of numbers, either as arrays or as Perl-style strings delimited with commas and using .. for ranges, this module makes life a little easier.

I had readable, working code within a couple of minutes of discovering the module. The next time I need to work with ranges of numbers, I'll use this module.