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Net-STOMP-Client (1.7)

Support STOMP v1.1. Solid docs with a simple to user interface. +1 for the heart beating. Net::Stomp is OK, but IMHO this module is currently a step a head in many key areas.

Net-STOMP-Client (1.4) *****

5 stars!

We utilize the Net::STOMP::Client on multiple vm machines to access ActiveMQ. Version 1.4 supports many of the necessary failover options necessary to ensure high availability. Also, the developer is extremely responsive and awesome to work with.


Net-STOMP-Client (0.9.7) *****

I have mainly used the parts mentioned in the tutorial - and this is more of a general review/rating for that. Just like Directory::Queue module, the documentation is complete, and apt references are mentioned to understand stomp. And again, this is fun to use !