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Net-SSH2 (0.33) **

This is a useful module but extremely painful to use. I strongly recommend to read the poll(2) man page of your existing system and the official documentation from libssh2.

Net-SSH2 (0.28) **

This product SEEMS like it wants to be a really great library. But, without documentation, or at least example programs which use it, there is no way in hell I can claim how good it is.

One thing is for sure, installing it was a whole lot easier than Net::SSH. For starters, it actually _completed_ the installation process. Net::SSH and Net::SFTP both deadlocked on me while executing the tests for dependencies. And, installation was very fast.

The top-level API seems to behave as one would expect. However, attempting to use Net::SSH2::File methods is proving most challenging. In my particular case, creating a file on the remote end of the SFTP connection yields "Resource temporarily unavailable" errors constantly, and no apparent fix.

Googling and Binging yields no results.



Net-SSH2 (0.18) *****

Although there is an external dependency of libssh2, I feel this module is much easier to use and much (much,much,...) easier to install then the alternatives Net::SSH or Net::SSH::Perl.

Net-SSH2 (0.10) *****

Much better than Net::SSH