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Net-SSH (0.09)

This is in response to Michael R. Davis previous comment.

Nowadays there are far more alternatives than the old and unmaintained Net::SSH::Perl for doing SSH from Perl.

Net::SSH2 is a client module implemented on top of the C library libssh2. It is not completely mature yet but the author is very nice and solves reported bugs almost immediately. Also, the API is a bit too C-ish. For file transfer it supports SCP and SFTP, though SFTP support is very rough and not very efficient but Net::SFTP::Foreign can be used on top of it.

Net::OpenSSH is a wrapper around OpenSSH client, with a very powerful and perl-ish API. Only works on Linux/Unix systems (no Windows, no Cygwin, no VMS). It supports SCP and rsync for file transfers and integrates nicely with Net::SFTP::Foreign for SFTP. Net::OpenSSH::Parallel is an extension for using it to run commands in several hosts in parallel. POE::Component::OpenSSH integrates it inside the POE framework.

Net::SSH::Expect, based on Expect, is nice for controlling devices exposing a restricted shell (for instance, routers, bridges, etc.).

Net::SFTP::Foreign is an SFTP client that can use to connect to the remote server the ssh program, plink, Net::OpenSSH or with the Net::SFTP::Foreign::Backend::Net_SSH2 backend Net::SSH2. It's API supports most of the operations you will expect from a modern SFTP client, as recursive operations or globs and is far more robust and much, much faster than Net::SFTP.

Net-SSH (0.09) ***

This package is a wrapper around the ssh system command. Look at Net::SSH::Perl if you are looking for a pure Perl implementation.

Net-SSH (0.08) ****

Simple. Direct. Easy. I like it.