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Net-Laconica (0.08)

Hi Karl,

Thank you for the suggestions. However, when I made the module Laconica API was not available. Later on, Laconica supported Twitter API. By then the module was made (if I remember correctly). Right now, there is no way that this module can be used. It is broken.

Yes, it should handle the runtime errors.

Thank you for letting me know. :-)

Alan Haggai Alavi.

Net-Laconica (0.08) *

This should not parse HTML and classnames but use the available Laconica-API. The actual Distribution doesn't work at all with my Laconica-installation. After some time I realized that our classnames are different ... :(

Fourther you should make it handle runtime-errors. Messages like "splice() offset past end of array at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Net/ line 77" should imho not appear ;)