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Net-LPR (1.007) *****

David, you made a good job!

It is a perfect tool to tailor the lpr-behaviour according to someones needs. I was looking for an alternative to the lpr.exe of MS-DOS because I had to submit the print file as another user I was logged in - and it works.

It was also very easy to add the "J"-Parameter to the cf-File by changing the easy understandable code of

Today I extended the perl code for substituting lpq.exe and lprm.exe of MS-DOS to ask the printer for the job status and to remove jobs - works as expected.

Thank you very much.


Net-LPR (1.007) *****

This module gets the job done !
Just follow the documntation and it works !.

We would like to have a simple interface (like the lpr - command)
As most of us care about the steps and file contents, and
would like an interface that will take care of it all.
For those of us who need full control the exsiting interface is fine.