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Net-HTTPServer (1.1.1) ****

I really like the basic idea of this module, but I've had a couple of problems with using it. Second was the binary mode bug for which a patch has already been proposed. First might be something I missed, but I couldn't figure out how to turn its Request into something from which I could get POST data and file uploads. Maybe that's just outside the scope of this module and missing by design. It sure would be helpful. What I really need there, I think, is something that can CGI-ify the raw request. Passing it as a string to doesn't do it. Anyway, if this is easy, it would be nice to put it in the documentation, but I understand if it just isn't in scope for this module.

More important may be the third issue I found. I was connecting to this module's server from a different machine on the same local network. It stalled for about 5 seconds for every request while it tried (and failed) to find a name using gethostbyaddr. This was pretty deadly to my application which used Dojo and so loads about a dozen JavaScripts.

My quick-and-dirty hack is to replace that call with the string "unknown" (it's around line 2034, perhaps depending on how/whether you've applied the binary patch). I would rather cache successes and failures -- maybe even just a hash would suffice -- but I will have to leave that 'til after finals :)

I do really like being able to create the mini-server as a stand-alone script. That's great for portability without the overhead of Apache. Thank you for taking it as far as you did, Ryan Eatmon!

(BTW, I've been using it both under Vista x32 and Ubuntu 8.10)

Net-HTTPServer (1.1.1) *****

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Would use again.