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Net-FTP-Recursive (2.00)

Works okay, but has a bit of a "gotcha" in that the success-or-failure logic of the method return values seems to be inverted to those in the base class, Net::FTP. This is documented, but it's very easy to miss.

Net-FTP-Recursive (1.9) ****

Fantastic! I spent all day looking for a way to recursive delete an entire website I was working on so that I could load on a new one from scratch. No body seems to think that anyone needs to do this! The few FTP clients that support this are usually bloated Windows software and not one that I tried were smart enough to look for hidden UNIX dot-files (such as .htaccess). Net::FTP doesn't do this either but that was easily fixed my changing 'LIST' to 'LIST -a' in the dir() method. The 'rdelete' script that came with Net::FTP::Recursive did EXACTLY what I need it to do. So I give it a good '4' for having a ready made solution to my problem. Thanks man!

Net-FTP-Recursive (1.8) *

The filename selection regex is broken, so the module isn't robust; can't handle every possible filename.