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Net-DBus (0.33.6) ***

Ran into a couple bugs using the very basic interface. The documentation is somewhat thin sadly. Not a lot to chose from if you want a dbus module from the CPAN, this module is one of the few which makes it all more crucial that it is in good shape, which it only partly is.

Bug fixing, code refactoring, and a general update are needed to move this module into a more usable tool.

Net-DBus (0.33.2) *****

Quite impressive. Very clean code, substantial coverage of DBus system, & substantial documentation. Very useful. Thanks Dan!

Net-DBus (0.33.2) **

This module works pretty well, however it has one terrible default : it depends on the old clunky and deprecated XML::Grove, which doesn't even compile properly on perl 5.8.x.