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Module-Pluggable-Fast (0.18) *

HTML::Widget makes use of Module::Pluggable::Fast, but when I used it with catalyst and mod perl I found that taint checking would fail when I tried to use the module on SUSE 10. The solution seemed to be to just use Module::Pluggable instead.

Module-Pluggable-Fast (0.19)

All reviews deleted.

Module-Pluggable-Fast (0.16) *

This doesn't appear to do anything that the latest version of Module::Pluggable can't do and lacks tests. It would probably have been better to have provided a patch to Module::Pluggable to offer an alternate interface.

It is noted that the author doesn't do himself any favours by unethically rating his own module.

I still stand by my view that this would be best provided as a set of patches to Module::Pluggable.

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