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Module-Mask (0.03) *****

What can I say, it works. I don't need it often, but when I do it is much easier to use than to muck with @INC myself.

You need to keep the mask object in scope while creating it before using the module you want to mask, so I used it this way:

use Module::Mask;

my $mask;

BEGIN { $mask = Module::Mask->new('My::Module'); }

use My::Module;

Module-Mask (0.03)

This module functionality seems to be overlapping with *Devel::Hide* ( Maybe because *Devel::Hide* is not such an intuitive name as it should have been. Ah, and before *Devel::Hide*, *Test::Without::Module* ( already existed. (Not a good name also, because it is not a real testing module.)