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Math-XOR (0.02) *

How does this differ from a normal Perl string XOR?

Math-XOR (0.02) *

This is just wrong. From the docs:

"This is the only method of encryption that (assuming the

randomness of the pattern used as an encryption key) truly

cannot be broken."

Well, if you had a "truly" random key the size of your file, then theoretically probably. (See the Snake Oil FAQ at <

All it does is xor two buffers together, and doesn't even check if they are different sizes (which will cause some nasty problems).

The namespace is inappropriate, but I wouldn't want to see the Crypt::* namespace polluted with this.

Math-XOR (0.02) *

hallo und guten tag,

wie kann ich Math-XOR unter suse linux installieren ?


patrick ommer