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Math-Numbers (0.000000001)

FYI, "Bluto's Algorithm" is just another term for brute force.

There are several other packages with similar functionality (primality testing, GCD, etc.), but the documentation doesn't explain how this package is different or better than other packages.

Math-Numbers (0.000000001) ***

There is no reference of the so-called "Bluto algorithm" anywhere as far as I can see,it must be made up since even google's only result for this query is the POD documentation of Math::Numbers.
The naming for the module is not really telling anything about what
it does.
Also the GCD method will return undef for a set of numbers containing 0.
The documentation is ok, but the code needs some work, more tests
it just has the test
use Test::More tests => 1;
BEGIN { use_ok('Math::Numbers') };

So ... between no tests, the naming and the non-existing Bluto Algorithm I rate this module a 3.
(I have actually tried to use it and went for Math::BigInt which had
a good bgcd() method that I needed).