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Math-Combinatorics (0.09) *****

I haven't used all the features of this module, just the permutation portion of it. I found the documentation easy to understand and it helped me greatly in quickly replacing a portion of existing code. I especially liked the iterator "next_permutation()". I initially created a recursive algorithm and replaced it with Math::Combinatorics as Math::Combinatorics was much quicker. Not only was it faster than my recursive alg, it was also correct; which deserves applause for something that claims to be at some ?arbitrary? version less than 1.

Math-Combinatorics (0.08) *****

One of the other reviewers of this module suggested that M::C fills a small niche, as though that were a shortcoming of the module. In fact the beauty of CPAN is that it is chock-full of modules that fill small niches. It's part of what makes us perl programmers so productive. In the case of M::C, it was very useful to me indeed. I develop a package of software for analyzing a particular sort of x-ray physics data. M::C allowed me to add a very powerful new data analysis tool to the package in a short afternoon of coding. As another reviewer points out, combinatorics is easy to get wrong. M::C gets it right in a way that is a pleasure to use. I am happy to give this module top marks.

Math-Combinatorics (0.08) ****

Though it's probably a niche module, it fills that niche well. It does what it promises and is excellently documented. I found it very helpful.

Math-Combinatorics (0.07)

I started writing a module that implements a small subset of this module... until someone pointed out Math::Combinatorics to me.

It shows snippets for some, but not all, of the features. I tried to extend one and received a runtime error.

I tried another snippet (the morse one) and received a runtime error (it recommended calling a different method). When I amended the example to call the other method, I received a runtime error.

There is no eg/ directory of example programs that lets you try out the different aspects of the module.

I had a bad first impression with this module. I thought that the different functions were not documented. It turns out that they are, but at the end of the POD, rather than at the top. When I got to the SEE ALSO section, I stopped scrolling and thus missed the rest of the documentation.

The documentation should be rearranged along a more standard order. At a first glance, it looks as if the only information you get is a hyperlink to a Mathworld article and from there you're on your own. Putting the documentation on how to call the functions at the end is very misleading.

Math-Combinatorics (0.03) *****

Combinatorics is something done wrong by many people. They talk about permutations when they really mean combinations and vice versa. Implementations - while they should be rather simple and straighforward - have an unnatural tendency to be buggy or eat your memory quickly (due to the large problem space).

Thus, Math::Combinatorics is a worthy addition to CPAN. It has thorough documentation with references to literature and related modules.

My only gripe is that the tests could be a little more exhaustive.

Thank you, Allen.
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