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Math (0.538) *

I agree with all the previous raters. In addition, the author is releasing several versions a day, without any changes file, making the CPAN pollution even more egregious, in my view.

Math (0.525) **

Aside from defining functions that already exist in core Perl (why?), this includes other Math::* packages for representing and manipulating colours, vectors (why separate modules for 2-, 3-, and 4-d vectors?) and image sizes. So it probably belongs in the Image or Graphics namespaces.

However, I'm unsure what this package adds in terms of functionality to anything. The SEE ALSO sections generally refer to other packages in the that distribution, than to anything else on CPAN.

It makes a reference to asking the author about adding holidays to Date::Holidays::AT which is by a different author. Odd.

Math (0.499) *

I can't fathom why one would need to override the CORE:: math functions, but here they are. Please ignore this module.