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Mail-IMAPTalk (1.03) ****

I had trouble using this module with gmail (via google apps) as it was producing timeout problems (as set in $@ when fetch returned undef).
This was happening for all large messages. Once the first error occured then the buffer was unset for the next 'fetch' resulting in cascading read errors.

But Setting:

$imap->{go_slow} = 1;

Produces a 0.25 second wait for each readline from the imap socket.
This now runs a bit slower but no longer produces any timeout messages.

This module is great. 4 thumbs up.

Mail-IMAPTalk (1.02) ****

This module is a very powerful one, which does exactly what the name indicates; it talks IMAP!

What this means is that it is very close to the IMAP lingo and formats. Your best source for what the different commands use, are the IMAP RFCs.

You must judge my ratings in the context of how much you like IMAP or not.

I've written an 80% WAP mail browser in only 91 lines using this module, DateTime, MIME::Words, CGI::WML, and MIME::QuotedPrint.